Lydias Market

We are called to empower all God's people through a sustainable source of income by offering their hand-crafted goods at Lydia's Market, a ministry of First Baptist Church.



This Fall, in conjunction with the Holiday Open House downtown, First Baptist hosted Lydia’s Market! Our Atrium literally became a market where we offered goods and products created by those who live in poverty as well as those with limited economic opportunity. These products are crafted both close to home and around the globe, and allow the artisans to support themselves and their families in a sustainable way! These ministries which educate and empower people in some of the most difficult corners of our world help people use their God-given gifts and skills to create self-sustaining and consistent incomes! This is going to be a BIG event in the life of our church and community! You will be amazed by some of the products we will have available. In the coming weeks keep your eyes peeled for products in the Library as well as in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday nights! What if your purchase at Lydia’s Market could truly empower a family in the name of Christ! What an incredible opportunity for us to be a part of as the people of God!

Here is a list of vendors who were atat Lydia's Market 2014.  Check out their websites for more information on the crafts and the mission behind the crafts:

Amani ya Juu

Thistle Farms


Equal Exchange

Baskets of Africa

Rahab's Rope

PalCraft Aid


Missy Ward, CBF Field Personnel

Mission Lazarus